Art Sozo

"God transformed my hurt and fear into life, abundance and an assurance of His love, that He has me safely held. "
Anon, art Sozo workshop attendee

"I had a deep interaction with Jesus and Holy Spirit, with Father at the centre of it all"
Deborah, art Sozo workshop attendee.

"I didn’t realise how hopeless I felt in a certain situation and couldn’t see beyond how it was affecting me. Through the exercises I felt a renewed sense of Jesus, His love for, what He has done for us and that through the situation He is working. There is Hope, freedom and life even in the darkest situations. Psalm 139"
Angela, art Sozo workshop attendee.

"It was interesting to see how the art was used as therapy almost. I enjoyed this form of active listening almost- and responding to what God was saying using only colours and focusing on emotion was new to me but quite freeing."
Irene, art Sozo workshop attendee.

"I feel free from the past, full of joy. I have let the sadness and hurt go that I was holding onto."
Cath, art Sozo workshop attendee.

"The was a profound experince. I was able to express things I would have been unable to express through words alone."
Art Sozo attendee.

"I felt a much better connection with God, especially in a favourite place that had been ruined by a lie. That place is comfortable again."
Art Sozo attendee.

In response to How do you feel about your connection with God after this workshop- Wendy said Great, WOW!!! "


Allowing His creativity in to your life.

The art sozo workshop is where participants are led through a series of painting activities in order to help them encounter the Godhead. Each activity builds upon the last creating a safe atmosphere for people to share their art as part of the process. No art experince is necessary as this is more about encounter art and the process rather than the end result. Workshops enable those who come to encounter God in a unique and healing way.

If you are interested in doing an art workshop please contact us to find out when the next workshop is taking place. Please note that workshops normally happen during the day and each workshop lasts 3 hours.

The suggested donation for an art Sozo workshop is £45. This includes all the materials needed.

Cheques should be made payable to Kingdom Ministries. We accept both cash and card payments at the time of your Sozo. You can also pre-pay for your Sozo with a credit or debit card by visiting our store.

The Next Art Sozo workshop is on Tuesday 12th March 2019 9.30am-12.30. If you are interested in booking a place on this workshop please contact us. contact us, or call us on 07557 967889.

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