Online Sozo Booking

Rise up, O Lord, in all your power.
    With music and singing we celebrate your mighty acts” Psalm 21 :3



Online Sozo Booking

We're excited to partner with you to see God's freedom come to your life through our Sozo ministry. On this page you can find the forms you need before coming for your Sozo.


Before your Sozo

Before your Sozo you will need to;

Bring a signed copy of our liabilty release form. Cick here to download it in pdf format.

Read and respond to the forgiveness sheet. Click here to download it in pdf format.

Fill in the application form. You can download the form here, or use the online form below.

Please note that we offer Sozo's on Tuesday/ Thursday and Friday in the day and some Sunday evenings. Please choose one of these times when filling in the application form.

Online Application Form
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Have you had a Sozo before ?

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Who referred you to the Bethel Sozo Ministry ?

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Will you be able to fast and pray at some point in the week before you Sozo ?

*Why would you like to receive a Sozo ?

*Do you have any medical conditions
that the team should be aware of ?

What time of day are you available for a Sozo ?

First choice of day of the week for a
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If you are not part of a home or cell group we strongly recommend you join one before you attend a Sozo. We recommend that you share with someone you trust what happened in your Sozo so that they can pray with you and can hold you accountable for any actions you have planned from your Sozo (this isn't the same as talking to a 'best friend'.)

We suggest you ask the Lord what He wants you to fast. It can be one meal a day or fasting watching TV.

For the value of the time spent ministering to you, there is a suggested donation of £35.00. 

You may send the donation when you return the signed liabilty forms that can be downloaded here;

Individual Sozo Liability Release form.
Children's Sozo Liability Release form.

Please make cheques payable to Kingdom Ministries. We accept both cash and card payments at the time of your Sozo. You can also pre-pay for your Sozo by visiting our store.

Send a message

Thank you for your interest in our ministry and teachings. If you would like to discuss inviting one of us to speak or for any other information, please use the contact form below.