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“Stuart, you have an incredible voice for the nation of business people, to minister and speak life into a barren land which is filled with lost, hungry children, all desperately trying to make sense of their purpose. Your heart for business people and speaking true life into their lives and circumstances is totally from God. Your passion to bless business people is unrelenting” Stephan Marks, entrepreneur


A background in business

With a combination of prophetic insight, Godly wisdom, prayer support and strategic question, Stuart has mentored and encouraged many business leaders to seek out and experience God’s plan and purposes for their lives and businesses and see them become a reality. Stuart continually seek to raise his ceiling and make it the floor others.

The truth is that lots of people offer coaching and mentoring.

Lots of people understand profit and balance sheets.

Some people understand the theology of the Kingdom of God and work.

Far fewer people believe that the fullness of the Kingdom of God is for now.

Fewer still are able to bring all these things together

Stuart Gregg is one of these few.

Stuart has two degrees, one in business computing the other in theology from Oxford University.

Before becoming a Church leader Stuart worked for 12 years in computing and technology, including a start-up and the management of a support company. He also worked as a contractor for three years.

Leaving IT behind, he went on to lead a small community-grant based project based in an area included as one of the top 3% of deprived wards in the UK. This grew to become a self-sustaining social enterprise employing nearly 50 local people with a turnover of nearly one million pounds. He led a Church in the same area to double in size and become a regional centre for encounter, presence and transformation. He has now been pursuing the presence of God in power and truth for over 30 years, believing in and seeing miracles of healing, provision, business breakthrough and community transformation.

Stuart has strong connections to Bethel Church in Redding, California, Prosperous Soul (Steve DeSilva), Heaven in Business (Andy Mason), Sozo (Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher) and Age to Come ministries (Faith Blatchford). Stuart and Liz hosted the first ‘Shifting Atmospheres’ and ‘Prosperous Soul’ conferences in the UK as well as the first Shebar mentoring and ‘Heaven in Business’ conferences. Liz is the ‘go-to’ person for Financial Sozos in the UK (see here for more details).


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Stuart has special interest in social enterprise having seen the power of employment to bring practical hope and provision to many. He has studied 'Heaven's Heroes' such as the Gurneys, the Frys, the Clarks, the Cadbury's, William Booth and more to find powerful testimonies of prosperous industrial leaders who formed much of the basis of our modern society and who also modelled a Kingdom mind-set to transformation and revival. Read more here.


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