Kingdom Marriage

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Strong relationships are a key to the Kingdom


The Kingdom of God is entirely relational. The only model is that of family, in the Godhead and beyond.

Strong marriages are an essential building block of the Kingdom.

Stuart and Liz have prepared multiple couples for marriage, seeking to give the soon to be weds keys for building a strong marriage, centred around His presence and knowing each other in depth and detail, while laying a foundation for a lifetime of learning about each other and Him.

Stuart and Liz have spoken at a variety of conferences on marriage. Marriage preparation takes those insights and applies them, with humour and sensitivity, to a specific couple. Sessions include unique tools developed by over 25 years of married life, pastoral experience, revelation and encounter.

Sessions include;

  • Types of time and how to manage them
  • Arguing well
  • Levels of communication
  • Leaving and cleaving
  • Making money work for you, not the other way around

Sessions are normally 1.5 hours long and are couple on couple, with each session costing £35.00.


Marriage support

Many marriage face times of challenge. Even with the excellent preparation circumstances, choices and pressure can mean extra help is needed.

Couple on couple informal sessions. Time spent with both Liz and Stuart to explore core issues and differing views on situations and how to react to them. Sessions are usually 1.5 hours long.


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