Welcome to Kingdom Ministries; the ministry of Stuart and Liz Gregg.

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    Welcome to Kingdom Ministries; the ministry of Stuart and Liz Gregg.

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Welcome to our website. If you’re interested in us, and what we’ve learned from over 30 years of leadership experience, you’ve come to the right place. Our passion has always been to see Kingdom transformation in and through the lives of 'normal' Christians, ordinary believers who live like Jesus did and who bring heaven to earth in their every day life, making a Kingdom difference to the society they live in. Our ministry exists to INSPIRE believers with what is possible in the Kingdom of God, EQUIP believers to live in the power of the Kingdom of God and IGNITE believers with the power of the Spirit to bring the Kingdom of God wherever and whenever they are.


For over 30 years Stuart and Liz Gregg have been living and working with the urban poor in the North of the UK, helping and developing leaders who share their vision to see healed, passionate believers who are self-replicating disciples that demonstrate the Father’s love with power, authority and wisdom. Recognised as pioneers, their experience sees them speaking at a wide range of conferences across the UK, where they teach and minister into areas that are close to their hearts.

Stuart and Liz have been married for 30 years and have three grown up children, all of whom are following Jesus with passion and enthusiasm.

Stuart and Liz's journey in Kingdom breakthrough has been accelerated by their connection to Bethel Church in Redding, California.


Experienced leader,
teacher and mentor.

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Sozo facilitator, Financial Sozo UK leader, Teacher and International speaker.

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"I have known Stuart and Liz since 2010. They have, in their personal and ministry lives, pursued Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and then passed on the Kingdom Culture. I have been impressed by their character of love and concern for people. In their love, they have set up ministries that have focused on sharing Father God’s love to all. With their concern, they have proven trustworthy with individual's hearts and lives not only through their ministries but with their own lives."

Teresa Liebscher, Founder of Sozo ministry, Bethel Church, Redding, USA

"Stuart and Liz ministered on “Building Kingdom Communities” at our church anniversary service. Their passion and insightfulness helped us to move forward. They were able to facilitate our people engaging well with Biblical text in ways which encouraged them not only to understand it but to be guided by it in their actions.”

John Bredbury, Leader, Farnsworth Baptist Church.

"Never have I met a minister and social engineer that matches the true and lasting effect achieved by Stuart and Liz Gregg"

Stephen De Silva, Founder of Prosperous Soul Ministries, Redding, USA

"They are not just about results, but lives becoming whole in the process. Stuart is a visionary leader with a sound theological understanding as well as the ability to implement strategies that truly transform society. Liz has a genuine care and concern for the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of individuals and has tirelessly served both their congregation and wider community. I have no hesitation recommending them and their work."

Andy Mason, Founder of Heaven in Business Ministries, Redding, USA

"Liz Gregg is a great friend and Sozo facilitator for the Bethel Sozo International Ministry. She is also a wonderful teacher that blends the Word with practical wisdom and insight. I have travelled and trained with Liz and have thoroughly enjoyed how she she presents and lives the word of God."

Dawna De Silva. Bethel Sozo Founder and Co Leader. Co Author Sozo: Saved, Healed, Delivered. Author: Atmospheres 101

"When I first introduced Stuart to our pastoral team I said, 'He and his wife are the real deal. They are actually putting into practice what most of us preach.' Six years later, I still stand by this declaration of both Stuart and Liz. When most preachers are teaching about impacting the world around you, Stuart and Liz were actually accomplishing it. Stuart's giftings are a blend of deep understanding of God's word and an entrepreneurial mindset. This allows him to be both effective in and out of the Church. My husband and I have run side by side with them for the past seven years and are looking forward to many more years arm in arm with them"

Dawna De Silva. Bethel Sozo Founder and Co Leader. Co Author Sozo: Saved, Healed, Delivered. Author: Atmospheres 101.

"Stuart and Liz are people of integrity, commitment and have a kingdom mindset . That are passionate lovers of Jesus and his people. We have known them both for nearly 10 years and have worked with them on Global Legacy events and European Leaders' Advance. They are visionary, encouraging and transformative. Working with them or having them visit your Church or organisation will be a blessing in every way."

Tim and Sue Eldridge. Directors, Presence Ministries International.


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